For several years I have provided my annual “do’s and don’ts” for issuers who have just begun preparing for their annual meeting. Each year the talking points are fairly similar and, each year, for those who ignore the advice find that their results remain the same. Whether it is redundancies in services from your vendors, blown budgets, poor voting results and inadequate quality from your providers or a lack of direction which helps create those nasty last minute fire-drills, most, or all of these challenges could have been avoided.

The AGM process is often referred to (lovingly of course) as Organized Chaos. Internally, there are a number of departments handling various components of the project such as Marketing or Corp-Comm., Legal, Finance and Investor Relations. Externally the players include the Transfer Agent, Broadridge, your Solicitor, the non Broadridge banks and brokers, Design Agency, Financial Printer and/or Commercial Printer. There are lots of balls being juggled which can help distract you from accomplishing the ultimate goal which is to reach all of your investors, communicate your message, receive favorable results that support management positions and come in under budget.

In one 30 minute meeting our team can provide invaluable insight into:

  • How best to manage your vendors who, in many instances, are providing overlapping services you probably are not aware of
  • Ways to reduce your printing, mailing and postage costs
  • Provide a detailed and comprehensive Notice & Access evaluation that will enable you to select favorable stratification levels and get the most out of your N&A spend
  • Illustrate how to drive voluntary receipt of electronic delivery which is much less expensive than N&A
  • Promote on line voting
  • Enhance the content and look of your shareholder materials in ways that will reduce, not add to your print budget
  • Streamline your internal timeline so you can avoid those fire-drills
  • Change Organized Chaos to……Organized

It can’t possibly hurt to shoot us a note and set up a time to discuss these topics and find better ways to connect with your investors and reduce your annual budget! No obligation, no hassle……just let us know your availability to speak and we will be happy to share our insight into the process and get you started!


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